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They rip people off... end of story... so do no business with them or prepare to suffer the consequences... you now have been warned about

www.scooterdepot.us Sunny Sports Inc.

in Irwindale,California.

719 Nogales St.

City of Industry, CA 91748

Toll Free: 1-888-839-7088

Local: 626-965-3888

Local Fax: 626-913-2300

Email: scooter_depot_us@yahoo.com

You have been warned!

You have been warned!

You have been warned!

You have been warned!

You have been warned!

You have been warned!

You have been warned!

You have been warned!

They should call their scooter company


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that flat out tell you might have to clean the carb so do what that suggest and you'll be fine

Woodland Hills, California, United States #690411

Actually it's not ***.This is undoubtedly the worst customer experience I've had in 56 years of living.

First the bike they sold me broke down within weeks of purchasing it and they did their best to deny any responsibility and told me that they could tell me how to fix it over the phone.

Then, when the belt broke and I needed parts (I couldn't find them anywhere else or I *** well would have tried) it took them a week to even pack the part and send it after telling me on the day I ordered it that it was in stock and ready for shipping.

They lie and they don't stand behind their products.Do not do business with them unless you enjoy being screwed by bad businesses.

Alpine, California, United States #686875

I own a repair shop in Alpine CA.I had a little elderly woman come in having trouble with her scooter.

Turns out its a bad starter. She has only owned the scooter 7 months. It only has 550 miles on it. I called Scooterdepo.us to see if they would cover it under warranty because the warranty only expired a month ago and the bike has such low miles on it there shouldn't be problems with the starter.

The guy I talked to was extremely rude and told me that because he doesn't have the scooter in front of him he cant tell if she sabotaged the scooter. So I asked him "so she needs to bring it to you" and he replied "no, she needs to buy a new starter.". This company does not stand behind their product and in fact I believe they are profiting off of a faulty product. DO NOT BUY!


Brandon, Florida, United States #684318

thanks!!this article saved me from a $2,000 purchase tonight online.

No way I will buy from people with a track record like this.Thanks Miami Man.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #660115

I bought mine in spring 2012 and received it in about a month along with the registration. I really had to wrench my way to have the scooter working for nine months. Be prepared with a good quality set of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 17mm wrenches, a lot of patience, and time to spend. I did what I was supposed to for PDI and that helped a lot. You cannot expect it to run right out of the crate. It doesn't work that way. I am by no means saying this company is reputable at all. I was very fortunate since I only dealt with them during the purchase process, and that was it. I did learn a lot, but here's the thing: you're going to pay money either way. Why not buy a Cheetah scooter with a reliable 2-year warranty and good quality then buy a $900 150cc chinese scooter that you'll have to spend half of that on replacing basic stock parts? Besides the fact that everything is incredibly cheap and not durable, these small engines are incredibly sensitive. If you live in humid areas, prepare to have boggy/low performance rides. If you fill the gas tank all the way, you'll have to wait usually 5 minutes or drill a hole in your gas cap. You get what you pay for. I bought a used Honda Rebel 250cc, and it's heaven compared to this s***. And hardly anyone works on these things anyways.

My experience with customer service was actually ok though they did put me on some long holds. When I spoke with a mechanic, he guided me very well to test an issue I was having.

If you're really...

There you have it. I would recommend what I did. Get a honda rebel 250, one of the most reliable motorcycles with EASY on/off/reserve gas, easy maintenance, and you still get to learn how to wrench if you are a 90's baby like me.

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Looks like Mike (below) works for them... Ha

Richmond, Virginia, United States #596430

i received a damage scooter from them the front nose was broken off and it also will not go over 40 mph when the add states 65-70 mph after weeks of dealing with them i still haven't got anywhere on trying to get this thing fixed or replace


The ruckus 150 clone was delivered and packaged well in a metal frame on a wooden pallet, sorrounded by cardboard and wrapped in plastic.Assembly was simple for me, I can turn a wrench without hurting myself, unlike most people.

I did was I was told, to drain the oil, refill with 10w/40w auto oil from any store, fill with hi octane gas, prime the pump with starter spray into the air filter box and she started up.I am very happy with this little scooter, hope it holds up.


Got my MC_D150E today Sept.24, 2012 after waiting forever on it...got confirmation saying it would be delivered on in 7-9 days, got it 12 days later.But before this, let me tell you how the delivery went, son got the call last friday, at 10am, telling him they weren't going to deliver it because they didn't think we were going to be home...mind you this is 10am in the morning, and he had told them to go ahead, he would be there all day.

They told him no, they would just call before they come on Monday...today...which they never did..just showed up after 3pm. After they unload it, it comes in huge crate. I paid 145.00 extra for full assembly because DANIEL, through sunny sports said it could come fully assembled, everything that comes on the scooter would be placed on, screws tightened down, carburetor cleaned and tuned, and battery hooked up. I had told him thank you, because I had no way to do that for myself.

When it came, not only was nothing assembled...but the battery was in the seat, along with the acid that I had to pour in myself, and the mirrors and hand overs with a cheap dollar store brand tool kit laid in the foot rest hub, along with the trunk that wasn't mounted, that was still shrink wrapped, and upon opening it, finding it smashed and broken. It doesn't even close or latch. I call them up, LISA from sunny sports tells me to send her pictures, mind you...20 minutes had only passed by since its delivery..I had to call back 5 times, to try and...

She starts telling me the full assembly is for them to put the front tire on, and the fenders, that was what my 145.00 full assembly went for. As far as the trunk, she told me it was a courtesy they give to buyers, that it was free and that I should have paid attention with the PDI, which I find out after going back to the website, that just means, the inspection of the bike before the truck driver leaves. Who'd have thought, it was shrink wrapped! The rest of the bike looked good...how the *** did I know I was going to get a broken trunk.

I am agitated, clearly...telling her I don't care if its free or not, I had to pay so much to get it free, so in a sense it wasn't free, and she then starts to yell at me saying, MA'AM, MA'AM, MA'AM, DO YOU MIND LETTING ME FINISHING ONE SENTENCE BEFORE RUDLEY INTERRUPT ME, ITS OUR POLICY TO... and is yelling at me right, so I interrupt her this time, telling her I have never been so rudely disrespected before in all my life..I want to talk to a manager...she then tells me "I AM A MANAGER" and I said...i want someone else...and she tells me no. Now...I haver never in my life heard of a company refusing to put their bosses on the phone. So I hang up on her, and call back.

I am then informed there is no managers in the office, but that someone will call me tomorrow. All I want is what I paid for, and if they can't do that, they can at the very least replace the "FREE" broken truck.

But we will see...they are sweet when you are buying, but as soon as its bought, you never hear a thing from them again, and trying to get them to reply, they will not return calls, they will not send an email, be warned...I will NEVER buy from them again.TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS!!!

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To those who have had no problems, you are one of THE LUCKY ONES!

But I will tell you It has nothing to do with being mechanically inclined!! My husband is very much mechanically inclined and can fix anything. The fact of the matter is the two bikes we got were TRASH!! If you don't believe me, I have pictures, Receipts for replacement parts. The Scooter Depot so called warranty department or parts department couldn't even tell my husband how to connect the brakes to the front wheel. But thank God he got it done on his own. I have had these bikes since the beginning of March 2012, I have had to replace 2 major pieces of body parts that came damaged in delivery, one of the body parts they sent me was the wrong piece, of course that was another 2 weeks wait, the COMPLETE muffler on one of them, gaskets on both of them, my husband had to repair his right breaks at the handles, a speedometer, 2 front tires (which were bad on delivery, and Scooter Dumpot refused to replace) that was $165.00 alone), and all this was less than 100 MILES ON THESE SCOOTERS. And I don't know how many times my husband has had to put is on the battery charger because the battery is a piece of *** too. It doesn't even have a name on it.

***TRASH! JUNK!!***

So goody to you if you got one in a million that is worth a ***! As far as I see thru research on the internet, there are more bad than good comments and complaints about this company. I wish I would have done my research...

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