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I've had my bad experience with this company not too long ago.The order was placed by phone with a person named "Anna".

Gave her my banking account Friday afternoon, she said the scooter would be ready for Will Call by Saturday morning since they are so close to me and I did not want to pay extra charge for shipping. They never send me order confirmation (I've provided "Anna" my email and other contact info), never called. The weekend went by, still no contact from them so I called. I must've gotten 4 different people who got on the phone and tossed me around like beach ball at the baseball park - no one was able to help me!?

Patiently, I tried again and again, and got the same result - no one knows what the heck I'm talking about. So, I've sent an email to their main address to please cancel my order. 5 days later, they charged the scooter I never received on my banking account. It took me many phone calls and several trips to my local bank branch to clear up the matter and finally got it resolved.

My bank filed the complaint against their bank and I have my money back. So much trouble for such a little matter and I am totally PISSED OFF! Take my word for it - DO NOT BUY from Scooter Depot.

I hope karma will take care of these people who have screwed other consumers out of their hard earn money.Honestly, I don't know why the BBB have yet to shut down this place...

Monetary Loss: $799.

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I have called the parts department & u cant get threw & besides that you cant even call now the main number to Scooter Depot cause now it says it isn't in my calling area???When before i had no problem getting threw before.

They sold me a scooter, 150 cc, 4 stroke scooter and is been nothing but problem after problems with my scooter. And, its hard to find a machanic that will deal with a Chinese made scooter. What the heck? And, if u do it cost as much as fixing a car.Dont trust them...

there a rip off.

And, liars.:cry :cry


CONCLUSION: This must be how they make money, they seem to purposely frustrate the customer to the point of asking for reimbursement, which would be over $100 dollars short of what the customer paid.

hmmm where to start...DO NOT BUY FROM SCOOTERDEPOT/SUNNY SPORTS, they are scammers. My phone calls were passed around for weeks at a time, and one of their representatives pretends to be atleast 3 different people on the phone.

I purchased a scooter from them in 2012. 3 weeks out and still wasn't given a tracking number, more weeks passed and I still didn't get my scooter delivered. I then got my bank involved, and scooter depot finally reimbursed me, NOT the full price. My reimbursement was a little over $100 short.

Do not believe these positive reviews which are most likely written by staff of scooterdepot/sunny sports.

this was my order and the amount i paid. whatever you do, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. SAVE YOURSELF FROM HEARTBREAK.

Item Sku Qty Subtotal

Subtotal $768.00

Shipping & Handling $239.00

Grand Total $1,007.00

New Compact & Powerful Touring 150CC Gas Scooter- Foot Brake! Free Windshield & Trunk!

1st Color Choice Red

2nd Color Choice Black

Parts Warranty

6 Months Parts Warranty


Miramar, Florida, United States #581792

So far i have nothing but a good experience from them thus far. i paid for my scooter on Sunday here it is Thursday and my scooter just got shipped and i got an e-mail to confirm it was shipped with tracking.

I did do one thing i called on wensday being very nice on the phone to find out about the scooter i bought. i was referred to the shipping department and was told i would be e-mail the shipping info when it goes out. what i read is people waiting a week to find out about the purchase they made. sorry you dont wait a week you stay on top of it as human-nature is to make mistakes. so this is why you stay on top of things. when my schooter comes i will not take if off the truckj with out first opening the box and seeing what in it and what its condition is because if i see any flaws i wont accept it. this how its done.

if you accepted it you know you are suppose to tighten every bolt pour the acid into the battery and charge it. you are also going to change the packing oil in it and replace it with 10w40 motor weight oil. then 600 miles later change it again. this how its done also when driving them for the first 1k miles you are not to go over 40 miles an hour to break in the the motor. this how its done but i bet most dont do this and end up screwing their scooters up.


When will the 300 CC TKB be PA leagel again :)


Hmmmm, I'm really glad I read the reviews because I was ready to purchase a 150 trike scooter. These reviews saved me time, money, disappointment and aggravation.


No, he probably is spot on.I specifically remember being bounced around, put on hold, not getting emails replied to...

And now that the scooter is here, a key was broken and it won't start.


All the reviews were right!Wish I would have read them BEFORE I spent over a grand buying this...


I just found the site and was about to buy a bike(was on WWE.com and saw the AD).Then I decided to see if the company was real or not, which it is.

But then Everyone who has bought a bike said that they spend almost triple on the bike they bought getting it repaired from a mech because the company doesn't follow up on it's parts warrenty and when you start to ask to many questions they just bounch you around or just hang up on you.

So I decided I will just save up for a brand new Hyosung GT650S.Bit sad because I wanted a bike ASAP and those bikes would of meet my needs as a new rider and just learning to ride but since they only seem to last a hour then there in a workshop for like 2months no point!


We do not take your "banking account" information.We accept all major credit cards, money orders, PayPal, and wire transfers.

For the latter, we would provide you with OUR bank information, and we would never ask you for YOUR bank account information.All credit card transactions occur on the same day as when your order is confirmed with our representative, and your charged would not have occurred 5 days after your purchase.

Maybe you had a bad experience with another company, and you are confusing that experience with Sunny Sports?

to Sunny Sports Bloomington, Illinois, United States #598384

Im glad sunny post on here it means there really looking to make shure there are the min of bad experinces

to Sunny Sports #788872

How do i get a hold of u guys?I tried the parts department at Scooter Depot and it rings a few times then hangs up on you.

And, the main number now says, it isnt in my calling area now , when about a year ago i could get a hold of them? I have had nothing but problems with my scooter & its even hard to find a machanic that will work. On Chinese scooter cause they state, its not worth the hassle to fix them or make money off them & to find parts for them are impossible? I have 150 cc, 4 stroke scooter.

By u guys ( Sunny) sold by: Scooter Depot.my email is kangel6348@gmail.com.,,,PLEASE help me. Im disabled and on fix income!!!!

What would u do in my situation???

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